Sunday, December 20, 2009

Good News!

We went to the hospital and had the baby turned. It actually went very well. It wasn't as painful as it was with Bryan. Don't get me wrong it did still hurt. They gave me the medication that they give you to help the baby turn but it also makes your heart rate go up. I remember with Bryan it was a really weird feeling. But it wasn't as bad as I remember. They turned her on the first try which is really nice. They will only try three times if it doesn't work then you are looking at a c-section. After they checked to make sure her position was what they wanted with the ultrasound machine they let me rest. When everything looked good with me and the baby they let us go. Brent was able to come and be with me during the turning and then when back to work. It was great having him there to support me. So now that she is head down like she is suppose to be we are looking at going to the hospital on the 30th to be induced, unless she picks her own date to come. If we can get through Christmas then after that I will welcome her here anytime. Everything else is going great and we are ready for her!

Monday, December 14, 2009


We had an ultrasound today to check the baby's position. I don't know why but I have been really nervous about this and I wasn't sure why. I don't know if it is because Bryan was breach and I had to have him turned at the hospital. That was a very painful experience. The doctor did the ultrasound and told me that the baby is not in the right position. She went breach on me just like Bryan did. So we will be going into the hospital at 7:30 am on Wednesday to have her turned. Hopefully it will work or I will be having a c-section. I have not had that with either one of my boys so I really don't want one this time around. If all goes well with the turning then we will be scheduled to go to the hospital for delivery on the 30th, unless she picks her own time. If it doesn't work then we will go in sometime around the 25th and try again. If it works then we will either get induced or if it doesn't then either then I will be having a c-section. I will let you know how it goes on Wednesday.

Friday, November 6, 2009


I don't know what it is but I guess we just picked a sick puppy when we got our dog. We have been trying to figure out what is wrong with Dobby. The poor dog keeps liking off all the hair on his paws and red rashes on his body. We finally took him to the vet and had him tested for allergies. They called me and went over the results. The poor thing is allergic to everything. He came up with reactions to about twenty different things. He is allergic to grass, turkey, chicken, eggs, and more. So it was either try to treat the allergies or put him to sleep. We weren't ready to put him to sleep so we decided to try to treat the allergies first. So now he is on mite medication everyday and allergy medicine every other day. I told Brent that I went to school and learned how to give people shots but never thought I would have to give my dog shots. When he is on the medication he is a different dog. He has been more enjoyable lately. I don't know how we would explain putting the dog to sleep to the boys. Hopefully we will be able to fix this and we won't have to put him down.

Brent and Jenn

I am still staying busy taking care of kids and working on my projects. I finished the babies cross-stitch and now I am working on my scrap booking. I love working on projects although sometimes it is kind of hard with little kids. So far the pregnancy is going good with no complications. She moves a lot now and is starting to kick the ribs a little. I have been getting heartburn the last month or so. I had that with Bryan so it is nothing new, but not fun either. I have everything set up in the nursery for her. I have made some pacifier holders and bracelets. If you can't tell I am a little excited for a girl! Brent doesn't usually get excited until he can see the baby. It will be fun to see him with a little girl.

Brent got a new job! He is going to be working at L3 communications now. He has really loved working at Keva Juice. It has been a great job to get us through school and it was working in the field he was going into with school. He will miss the kids and miss the customers. This new job will be nice because I will know for once when he is coming home and he will get to spend more time with me and the kids. The boys are excited to do more things with him. He will have every Friday off. So he has told the boys he will take them swimming, camping, and do all kinds of fun things with them. We will also have great benefits, you can't pass that up. It will be different but we are ready for the change. I am sure he will still drive by Keva everyday and stop in to see the kids.


Jace is loving preschool and making new friends. He has one boy that he calls his best friend. He isn't shy and will talk to anyone if they will talk to him. We have been going to the park lately after school since the weather has been so nice. As soon as it gets cold they will be stuck inside most of the time so I am taking advantage of the good weather. Jace is so excited for the baby and asked me everyday if it is time for his sister to come. He can't wait to see her. He will be a great big brother. He is so good with Bryan so I can just imagine. He is very protective and loving with him. The only thing is sometimes he get on one and loves to bug him. He will bug him just enough to make him scream. It is kind of annoying but what can you do, boys will be boys. He is a very independent child and you can't tell him anything. As he loves to tell Brent and I "I already know everything." He loves spending time with his Grandma's and Grandpa's. I am so glad we live close to them so they can do stuff together.


He is so funny, he is a talker. He has started saying all kinds of new words. He still thinks he wants to be a big boy and go potty on the toilet. Although sometimes he will tell me he wants to go in his diaper. Most of the time he ends up sitting on the potty and going. It is easier to understand what he wants. He still doesn't understand that there will be a new baby soon. He thinks there is a ball inside my shirt and wants me to take it out. We have to remind him that it is a baby inside me stomach not a ball. He loves babies so I think he will be pretty cute with his little sister. I also think he will get a little jealous but we will have to deal with that when it happens. He is a fun kid and never lets me rest for too long.


It was a little different this year. Bryan is a little older and understood what was going on more. I was surprised that he didn't eat all the candy before he got back to my sisters house. He also wasn't scared of any of the decorations people had in front of their houses. That has been he new favorite word. He was fun to watch go from house to house and get candy. He told them thank you and moved on to the next house. He dressed up as a dinosaur and Jace was Ben Kuso from Bakugan, its a TV show that he loves to watch. We went to my sisters house and had dinner and then took the kids trick or treating. Brent and I didn't dress up this time. Maybe we will next year. My sister has four kids so my kids get to go with their cousins. I didn't do to bad at keeping up being kind of fat and slow. It was a great night.

Monday, September 28, 2009


All is well with our little family. We had a second ultrasound and everything looks good. They even double checked to make sure it is really a girl. It is still a girl and this time we got the picture to prove it. The boys are very excited for a little sister. Jace likes to tell everyone his name, that he is turning five on his next birthday, and that he is having a little sister. They are still as busy as ever. They get into everything, especially Bryan. They get together so well and love playing with each other. But Bryan has decided that he wants to be potty trained and I am not sure I am ready for that. But I won't complain if I don't have two in diapers. He does pretty well with the potty most of the time. Brent is still working and loving it. All is good in the Carroll house.

Friday, August 14, 2009


We had our twenty week ultrasound this afternoon. As usual are kids don't do so well at the appointments and didn't want to make it too easy for the doctor. To say the least it was a very long appointment. But everything looks good and the baby looks good. The doctor had a hard time finding all the angel's of the heart that she wanted so she scheduled us to come back in a month. The aid that was helping and doing the ultrasound at the beginning had a hard time finding the gender. The baby had their legs together and didn't want to let us know. I of course didn't like that at all. I didn't want another surprise, although it was fun to do one time. So the doctor came in after her aid had been in twice to look at the heart and check everything out. She looked and said that it was a girl! Jace was happy when we got home, he has been telling me that he was going to have a baby sister for the last two weeks. It will be a fun change to our house since we are use to boys. And I am pretty sure she will be spoiled rotten, not like Jace and Bryan aren't. This is only the second girl on my side of the family.

Thursday, July 23, 2009


Everything is going great for our little family. Jace is getting ready to start preschool again in August. Bryan is a busy body and loves getting into anything he can, it is amazing how many things he can find and destroy. Brent is busy as always at Keva. It is always pretty busy in the summer and he usually works longer hours. As for me there is nothing new with me. I am still trying to take care of kids, pets and myself if I have time. We are now seventeen weeks in our pregnancy and all is going well. We have our ultrasound scheduled for the fourteenth of August, we will find out if it's a boy or a girl. I think it is a girl but I could be wrong. Jace goes back and forth on if he wants a brother or a sister. Most of the time he tells me that he wants a sister. I guess we will see in a couple of weeks. It is great being a mom and taking care of my family.

Lake Powell

In July we went for a week to Lake Powell. It was great being with the family. It was everyone but my mom. The boys had fun playing with their cousins and fishing in the lake. We never caught anything but we still had a great time. We had tons of good food and made lots of great memories. Brent loved going tubing behind the speed boat with the kids. Scott my brother had fun trying to throw them off and into the water. They were holding on so tight that they even got some pretty bad sores on their elbows. We played games and watched some movies. It was a great trip and we look forward to going again.

Sunday, May 31, 2009


Well lots has changed for our little family. The biggest thing is Brent is finally graduated from college. He is still working at Keva Juice and loving it. We are also expecting another baby at the end of the year. I won't lie I am definitely pushing for it to be a girl. But either way it will be great. The boys are getting so big and it is happening so fast. Life is good and never dull.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Bryan is into everthing. Even as I was writing this post he made another mess. I went upstairs to find him in the kitchen sink and soaking wet. He was playing with the water and having a blast. He has also decided that he wants to be a big boy and sit on the toilet. He doesn't know what to do but he watches Jace do it and has decided he needs to do it too. So I have pulled up the training toilet just to let him sit. I have to close the bathroom door or he will stay in there all day. He is a fun kid. We are so lucky to have our two cute boys. I don't know what I would do without my family.


Jace is loving preschool and playing with friends as much as he can. He wakes up in the morning and will ask me who he can play with today. He doesn't have a lot of friends to choose from so he goes through his list of friends pretty fast. He is a great kid and we sure love him. He is a great big brother and loves taking care of Bryan. He is also pretty excited to go outside and play when the weather allows. He could play outside and never get bored.

Graduation is coming!

Brent has anothe month of school and then he will be done! We can't wait for him to be out of school. No more homework or studing for test. We are looking forward to spending more time with the kids and together as a couple. It has been a long road but worth it.

Thursday, February 12, 2009


The cats and dog also keep me busy. We got a dog a couple of months ago. He is a chihuahua and he is now six months old. It is not the easiest thing to potty train a dog. I think it is worse then potty training a toddler. Things are getting better though. His name is Dobby, Jace named him. He loves to chase the cats and play. Shilo doesn't really like him but Tiger dosen't mind him. I really do like having a dog. It is kind of sad that we have more pets then we do kids.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Jenn and Brent

Brent is finally about to graduate from college. He is in his last semester at Weber. He is graduating in Supply Chain Management. He is managing at Keva Juice here in Bountiful and loves it. He has already been there for two years. He is a great dad and loves playing with his boys. I graduated from Salt Lake Community College last May in Medical Assisting. Now I get to stay home and be a mom. It is the best job in the whole world. The boys keep me busy, there is never a dull moment. I try reading a good book or scrapbooking when I have the time. We are lucky to live by lots of family.


Bryan is a busy little boy. He gets into everything. He has learned to push chairs around the kitchen so he can get what he wants off of the counters. That is something he learned from his older brother. He is starting to say a couple different words. He says ball and mama but that is about it. He still gets what he wants by pointing and squaking. He is great and we love him!


Jace is a busy little boy. He is in preschool and gymnastics. He is really good and really enjoys it. The other day he was jumping off of the sofa and doing flips onto the air mattress. Brent and I are a little surprised he hasn't broken any bones or had any stiches. He has lots of fun hanging out with his friend Makenzie. He also goes to preschool with her. He is Mr. Social and will talk to anyone and everyone. He likes to go to his grandparents house. He is lucky because he lives close to both of them. He is going to be four in March and he is very excited for his birthday. He can't decide if he wants to have a spiderman or batman party.

Disney Cruise

Ray and Susan took the whole family on a Disney Cruise for Christmas. It was so fun! Our kids loved it, they didn't want to get off the boat. Jace was old enough to go to the Oceaners Club. He could go first thing in the morning and didn't have to leave until midnight. He would go after breakfast and didn't want to leave even at ten o'clock at night. He got to see some of the Disney characters on the boat. Captain Hook, Timon, and some other characters stopped by different nights to play with the kids. He made some friends and also some girlfriends too. We checked Bryan into the nursery a couple of times. Whenever we dropped him off there were two girls that worked in the Oceaners Club that would come and steal him from the nursery. The last time we checked him in the girl working said she wasn't going to tell them he was there because they always took him out. They loved Bryan and Jace. We had a blast with Steph and her family. We went to the private island and played in the sand. We saw all of the live shows. Brent even got hypnotized, I think that was one of the best parts of the cruise for everyone. I wish I could have recorded it. It was a great vacation and I hope we get to do it again.

Our new house

Here are some pics of the new house. We have not taken any pictures of the inside yet. But this is what the outside looks like, pretty nice hu. We are loving it here and getting to know so many great people.


They had a flag raising at school for Jace at his elementry school. They welcomed all the kids and raised the flag. Then they had the kids get in line behind their teacher and go into their classes. He was so excited he could hardly stand it.