Friday, November 6, 2009


I don't know what it is but I guess we just picked a sick puppy when we got our dog. We have been trying to figure out what is wrong with Dobby. The poor dog keeps liking off all the hair on his paws and red rashes on his body. We finally took him to the vet and had him tested for allergies. They called me and went over the results. The poor thing is allergic to everything. He came up with reactions to about twenty different things. He is allergic to grass, turkey, chicken, eggs, and more. So it was either try to treat the allergies or put him to sleep. We weren't ready to put him to sleep so we decided to try to treat the allergies first. So now he is on mite medication everyday and allergy medicine every other day. I told Brent that I went to school and learned how to give people shots but never thought I would have to give my dog shots. When he is on the medication he is a different dog. He has been more enjoyable lately. I don't know how we would explain putting the dog to sleep to the boys. Hopefully we will be able to fix this and we won't have to put him down.

Brent and Jenn

I am still staying busy taking care of kids and working on my projects. I finished the babies cross-stitch and now I am working on my scrap booking. I love working on projects although sometimes it is kind of hard with little kids. So far the pregnancy is going good with no complications. She moves a lot now and is starting to kick the ribs a little. I have been getting heartburn the last month or so. I had that with Bryan so it is nothing new, but not fun either. I have everything set up in the nursery for her. I have made some pacifier holders and bracelets. If you can't tell I am a little excited for a girl! Brent doesn't usually get excited until he can see the baby. It will be fun to see him with a little girl.

Brent got a new job! He is going to be working at L3 communications now. He has really loved working at Keva Juice. It has been a great job to get us through school and it was working in the field he was going into with school. He will miss the kids and miss the customers. This new job will be nice because I will know for once when he is coming home and he will get to spend more time with me and the kids. The boys are excited to do more things with him. He will have every Friday off. So he has told the boys he will take them swimming, camping, and do all kinds of fun things with them. We will also have great benefits, you can't pass that up. It will be different but we are ready for the change. I am sure he will still drive by Keva everyday and stop in to see the kids.


Jace is loving preschool and making new friends. He has one boy that he calls his best friend. He isn't shy and will talk to anyone if they will talk to him. We have been going to the park lately after school since the weather has been so nice. As soon as it gets cold they will be stuck inside most of the time so I am taking advantage of the good weather. Jace is so excited for the baby and asked me everyday if it is time for his sister to come. He can't wait to see her. He will be a great big brother. He is so good with Bryan so I can just imagine. He is very protective and loving with him. The only thing is sometimes he get on one and loves to bug him. He will bug him just enough to make him scream. It is kind of annoying but what can you do, boys will be boys. He is a very independent child and you can't tell him anything. As he loves to tell Brent and I "I already know everything." He loves spending time with his Grandma's and Grandpa's. I am so glad we live close to them so they can do stuff together.


He is so funny, he is a talker. He has started saying all kinds of new words. He still thinks he wants to be a big boy and go potty on the toilet. Although sometimes he will tell me he wants to go in his diaper. Most of the time he ends up sitting on the potty and going. It is easier to understand what he wants. He still doesn't understand that there will be a new baby soon. He thinks there is a ball inside my shirt and wants me to take it out. We have to remind him that it is a baby inside me stomach not a ball. He loves babies so I think he will be pretty cute with his little sister. I also think he will get a little jealous but we will have to deal with that when it happens. He is a fun kid and never lets me rest for too long.


It was a little different this year. Bryan is a little older and understood what was going on more. I was surprised that he didn't eat all the candy before he got back to my sisters house. He also wasn't scared of any of the decorations people had in front of their houses. That has been he new favorite word. He was fun to watch go from house to house and get candy. He told them thank you and moved on to the next house. He dressed up as a dinosaur and Jace was Ben Kuso from Bakugan, its a TV show that he loves to watch. We went to my sisters house and had dinner and then took the kids trick or treating. Brent and I didn't dress up this time. Maybe we will next year. My sister has four kids so my kids get to go with their cousins. I didn't do to bad at keeping up being kind of fat and slow. It was a great night.

Our new house

Here are some pics of the new house. We have not taken any pictures of the inside yet. But this is what the outside looks like, pretty nice hu. We are loving it here and getting to know so many great people.


They had a flag raising at school for Jace at his elementry school. They welcomed all the kids and raised the flag. Then they had the kids get in line behind their teacher and go into their classes. He was so excited he could hardly stand it.