Sunday, December 20, 2009

Good News!

We went to the hospital and had the baby turned. It actually went very well. It wasn't as painful as it was with Bryan. Don't get me wrong it did still hurt. They gave me the medication that they give you to help the baby turn but it also makes your heart rate go up. I remember with Bryan it was a really weird feeling. But it wasn't as bad as I remember. They turned her on the first try which is really nice. They will only try three times if it doesn't work then you are looking at a c-section. After they checked to make sure her position was what they wanted with the ultrasound machine they let me rest. When everything looked good with me and the baby they let us go. Brent was able to come and be with me during the turning and then when back to work. It was great having him there to support me. So now that she is head down like she is suppose to be we are looking at going to the hospital on the 30th to be induced, unless she picks her own date to come. If we can get through Christmas then after that I will welcome her here anytime. Everything else is going great and we are ready for her!

Monday, December 14, 2009


We had an ultrasound today to check the baby's position. I don't know why but I have been really nervous about this and I wasn't sure why. I don't know if it is because Bryan was breach and I had to have him turned at the hospital. That was a very painful experience. The doctor did the ultrasound and told me that the baby is not in the right position. She went breach on me just like Bryan did. So we will be going into the hospital at 7:30 am on Wednesday to have her turned. Hopefully it will work or I will be having a c-section. I have not had that with either one of my boys so I really don't want one this time around. If all goes well with the turning then we will be scheduled to go to the hospital for delivery on the 30th, unless she picks her own time. If it doesn't work then we will go in sometime around the 25th and try again. If it works then we will either get induced or if it doesn't then either then I will be having a c-section. I will let you know how it goes on Wednesday.

Our new house

Here are some pics of the new house. We have not taken any pictures of the inside yet. But this is what the outside looks like, pretty nice hu. We are loving it here and getting to know so many great people.


They had a flag raising at school for Jace at his elementry school. They welcomed all the kids and raised the flag. Then they had the kids get in line behind their teacher and go into their classes. He was so excited he could hardly stand it.