Sunday, October 30, 2011

Our family

Everything is going pretty good for us in our family right now. Brent is really loving working at L3. He is doing really well and gets nothing but compliments from his co-workers. I can't tell him how proud I am of him.
The kids are doing well too. Jace is loving first grade and he is doing well with his reading and math. He has seen some of his old friends from kindergarten and made lots of new friends too. He is pretty social and it never has been a problem for him making friends. Bryan is having a great time in preschool. He loves going to school like his big brother. He rides his bike across the street to his school. They went on a field trip last week to the fire station and got to walk around. They went to the park after and had a snack with their teacher. He had a hard time with soccer this fall. I thought he would love it since he always had to watch Jace and didn't get to play. He kept telling Brent and I that he wanted to go home. I think he might like it better next season. Miranda is doing awesome. She is walking everywhere and getting into everything. She is starting to talk some, although you can't understand what she is saying she is trying. She is all girl and very dramatic. She has full fit tantrums and falls on the ground. If you look at her wrong or say something she doesn't like then she will start crying. She hates having her hair done. She still loves mom and doesn't want me to go too far away. She is a lot of fun and I am glad she is in our family.
I am still doing the same thing as I always do. Taking care of kids and scrap booking when I can. I have had a great time canning this season. I have done lots of different vegis and lots of soup. I also did some grape juice thanks to my neighbor. I spent a couple of days doing the grape juice and got about twenty quarts. I love being home and spending time with my family. I just got the news today that my Aunt Marilyn passed away. That is my dads sister and she will be missed. I am a little worried to see how Jace is going to do with her passing. He was very close to Marilyn. Even if he didn't see her very much he was always excited to see her and loved being next to her. He will miss her a lot. We have told him but I don't think he understands what happened.

Carving Pumpkins

The kids had a great time carving their pumpkins tonight. They each got to pick what they wanted to carve and Brent and I helped them out. Miranda of course needed some help since she is only twenty They were very interested in how they would turnout and wanted to help. They can't wait to go trick or treating tomorrow night. It should be great especially with the nice weather that we are suppose to have. The Jack Sparrow was all Brent and he did a great job.

Our new house

Here are some pics of the new house. We have not taken any pictures of the inside yet. But this is what the outside looks like, pretty nice hu. We are loving it here and getting to know so many great people.


They had a flag raising at school for Jace at his elementry school. They welcomed all the kids and raised the flag. Then they had the kids get in line behind their teacher and go into their classes. He was so excited he could hardly stand it.